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Post  Admin on Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:36 pm

To all helpers, read this thread very carefully.

I personally, am tired of having to move question threads from this section, so I'll speak for all of the staff who moderate this section. In roughly 80% of these question threads, there's posts from you guys (helpers) in them. So this is what I'm going to ask of you guys:

Could you please set a good example and not answer the question threads if they're in the 'Beginners' section! If you are going to post, then post a link directing them to the correct section, 'Questions/Technical Support!' By helping them, you're encouraging them to post more in this section, when in fact it's the wrong section!

The staff who moderate the section will take the time to move the threads over, so don't tell them to make a >NEW< one, just explain their fault. We'll do the heavy lifting and shuffle the thread to the correct place.

Thank you!

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