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Post  Admin on Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:38 pm

[GUIDE] Vehicle system v5.0: A Guide.

Postby Fed on Sat May 24, 2008 10:02 pm
I would like to say thanks to Monty Carlo for bringing this idea to our attention and for explaining it in details.

1. Commands and explanations.
2. How the system works.
3. Vehicle types.
4. Available vehicles.
5. First use of a vehicle.
6. Limits.
7. GTA and security.
7.1. Lock & Immobiliser levels.
7.2. Alarm levels.
7.3. Activation/Deactivation.
8. Insurances.
9. What is saved.
10. Vehicle dealerships and service centres.
11. Other features.
12. Updates (changelog).

1. Commands and explanations.

If you do /v or /vehicle without anything it will bring up this text:

[Actions] list, get, park, sell, accept, register
[Actions] buy, buylock, buyalarm, buyimmob, buyinsurance, buypark
[Actions] info, tow, colour, duplicatekey, mod, faction
[Delete] scrap (warning: deletes your vehicle completely)
[Hint] There is a guide how to use all these actions on

To use any method just do /v [action] and further tags to finish the operation, once you do /v [action] it will bring the text about it's usage.

So here's an explanation of each method:
(/v)ehicle list - shows a list of all vehicles you currently own.
(/v)ehicle get - spawns one of your vehicles, to get a number of vehicle, do /v list, then type /v get [number] and you'll spawn exactly the vehicle you want.
(/v)ehicle park - despawns (removes from game) your vehicle once you /v park on it's parking place.
(/v)ehicle sell - offers your vehicle to another player (selling).
(/v)ehicle accept - accepts a vehicle you've been offered (selling).
(/v)ehicle register - assigns a plate for your vehicle.
(/v)ehicle buy - purchases a vehicle according to what you've entered. You can purchase one of the available models if you have permission with exact colours and if you want you can purchase it for faction. Purchasing for faction will result in faction members being able to lock/unlock it and switch engine on/off
(/v)ehicle buylock - purchases and upgrades a lock with exact level on your vehicle.
(/v)ehicle buyalarm - purchases and upgrades an alarm with exact level on your vehicle.
(/v)ehicle buyimmob - purchases and upgrades an immobiliser with exact level on your vehicle.
(/v)ehicle buyinsurance - purchases an insurance for your vehicle.
(/v)ehicle buypark - purchases a parking place for your vehicle (it will spawn there next time you /v get the vehicle)
(/v)ehicle info - shows vehicle info (when you are in it)
(/v)ehicle tow - tows vehicle to it's current parking place
(/v)ehicle colour - paints vehicle in new colours
(/v)ehicle duplicatekey - makes a duplicate key for someone. Duplicate key allows person to lock/unlock the vehicle and switch it's engine on/off.
(/v)ehicle mod - brings up a modification menu to pimp vehicle. Works at any vehicle service&dealership.
(/v)ehicle scrap - completely removes vehicle from database and makes it unowned in game until next server rehash.
(/v)ehicle faction - assigns / deassigns your vehicle to your faction.
(/v)ehicle view - makes you spectate your vehicle (works on boats only).

/engine - starts/stop engine of the vehicle or starts hotwiring if you are trying to steal the vehicle.
/lock - locks/unlocks the vehicle if you are near it (may not work if you are close to a house/business/other vehicle).
/stop - stops the carjacking process, either lock breaking or hotwiring.

2. How the limited edition of system works.

Script doesn't load private vehicles when it's started. Owners have to /vehicle get (or /v get) one of their vehicles to get it in game. Once a player spawns his vehicle, a global count of vehicles is raised by 1, once the limit of private vehicles is reached (see "Limits"), nobody can get private vehicles, in this case on payday system will check through all vehicles, and despawn those which have owners offline and are not driven by anyone. Private vehicles which are assigned to a faction spawn on the server start.

3. Vehicle types.

There are 2 vehicle types now on the server: public and private.
Public vehicles are: nascar and derby vehicles, component vans, robbery van, gold mint van - all vehicles used for public purposes or minimissions. Public vehicles can't be /lock'ed and /engine'ed.
Private vehicle is a vehicle which has an owner, therefore an owner can spawn it (see below how), park it, upgrade it and do any methods available for private vehicles.

4. Available vehicles.

You can obtain any available vehicle unless special permission is required for it. For example a normal citizen can't buy a police cruiser.
To view a list of available vehicles you should go to nearest vehicle dealership and do /vehicle buy (or /v buy ). It will bring up a list of available model IDs with names and prices, you may need to scroll textbox up and down too view all of them.

5. First use of a vehicle.

Once you buy a vehicle you can make it secured from others, you can lock it, put on alarm or an immobiliser. This way you can make sure you have it once you need it.
When you've bought a new vehicle you can /v get it and it will spawn in game unless any limits have been reached. You will get 10% fuel in it and 2 insurances on it and no upgrades, so you should get into it do /engine to start the engine and go to the gas station to fill the fuel tank. As soon as you did that, you may go to the nearest vehicle service (dealership) and do upgrades: buy lock/alarm/immobiliser more insurances if you want. However if there are no mechanics around you won't be able to do some upgrades.

6. Limits.

- Each player can own 10 vehicles virtually (in database that is).
- In game there can be maximum 500 private vehicles spawned.
- In game each player can have only 1 private vehicle spawned.
- Each faction can have up to <max vehicles> for their faction. Max vehicles for faction can be set IG by an admin.

7. GTA and security.

Any person who has a toolkit is able to attempt breaking lock of a vehicle (if it's installed) and to attempt hotwiring engine. The time needed to complete the action is set by lock level or immobiliser level. Different alarm levels announce about carjack in different ways.

To activate your lock and alarm you have to /lock near or inside your vehicle. To start your engine do /engine.
To start a carjack you have to either /lock near vehicle or hit F+C keys. If you have a toolkit it will start.
To start hotwire you have to /engine inside vehicle.

7.1 Lock & Immobiliser levels:
lvl1 - 2 minutes.
lvl2 - 4 minutes.
lvl3 - 8 minutes.
lvl4 - 10 minutes.
lvl5 - 12 minutes.
(faction vehicles - 20 minutes)

Any carjack action can be stopped with /stop, carjacker will be removed from vehicle then and unfrozen.

7.2 Alarm levels:
lvl1+ alarm starts to make emote "beep beep beep" near vehicle.
lvl2+ alarm sends an sms to an owner of the vehicle (if owner is online).
lvl3+ alarm sends a message to police with vehicle name and location.
lvl4 alarm activates GPS marker of a stolen vehicle.
+ means that alarms of higher levels have features of this level too.
Alarm is set off once anyone enters vehicle.

This way carjacker has to break lock, once he enters vehicle alarm is set off and does it's work and carjacker also has to hotwire vehicle to be able to drive it.

7.3 Activation/Deactivation:
To lock/unlock do /lock near your vehicle. It will activate/deactivate both lock and alarm.
To start/stop engine do /engine inside your vehicle.

8. Insurances.

You can buy up to 6 insurances for your vehicle.
Once your vehicle is destroyed, if you are online or offline for less than a minute:
- If you have an insurance on that vehicle you will lose one and the destroy count of the vehicle will raise by 1.
- If you don't have any insurances left for vehicle, the system will remove it completely from database and despawn it.
- If destroyed count of your vehicle has reached maximum (for now it's 50 times) system will remove it completely from database and despawn it.

9. What is saved.

Lock level, alarm level, immobiliser level, vehicle parking place, colours, tickets, destroyed count, insurances, fuel, plate etc.
Mod special packages (#1 and #2, which you get with /v mod) are saved too.

10. Vehicle dealerships and service centres.

There will be 3-4 dealerships & services, where you can purchase vehicles, insurances and upgrades. Only 1 percent of each deal goes to business funds.
You can do most upgrades only if a mechanic is around, so that mechanic could roleplay the upgrading.
The best use of it is to go to the service, find a mechanic and roleplay buying an upgrade. Then you just type the command you need to upgrade, the timer will start until the upgrade is finished, meanwhile you and mechanic may proceed with roleplaying the upgrade installing.

11. Other features.

- Upgrades can be done only when any mechanic is nearby and it will require X seconds to finish each upgrade, this will let mechanics roleplay the upgrade on the vehicle if they want but won't force them to.
- Once vehicle is completely destroyed or scrapped it should be unowned IG until the restart, not despawned.
- When filling the fuel tank it will take X seconds and will show the status with some text on the screen.
- When you crash into something in your vehicle you most likely will get injured, losing health according to how big the crash was. If the crash was not big, you won't lose health.
- LSPD, LSEMT and LSPCT most probably will get several vehicles as faction ones in this limited edition of system.

12. Updates (changelog).

- fixed /caralarmoff;
- fixed faction vehicles spawning bug;
- made it give location of your vehicle when you got one and /v get;
- made /lock not only check if you are in any car or near any car but also if you are near your pCar if it's not 0, and if it won't find anything near you it will give a message now (to let them know that vehicle is unsynced);
- fishing license is not needed now, need to be only in/near a yacht;
- /v view will make you spectate vehicle, possible only if it's a yacht and you are near/in it. Another /v view will give you back your stuff and put you where vehicle you spectated is;
- dealership not in stock -> still can buy insurance;
- bizfee will add to vehicles price in a list of vehicle showing;
- fixed bizentfee limit for dealerships;
- fixed duplicate key (now it leads to DB vehicle id);
- made gps alarm show marker for owner as well;
- fixed permission for EMT to buy firetruck and fbi rancher;
- removed elite driver requirements for lspct (request);
- fixed price in mod menu;
- fixed plate saving;
- /givelicense now gives both gun license and flying license (type 1 and 2);
- made you not able to fly any plane without flying license;
- made person able to /pizzajob to get pizza job on a pizza moped;
- fixed /gofishing 2;
- fixed /v faction exploit;
- fixed carjacker (no yachts and planes now);
- fixed freezing when you have no license for plane;
- adjusted text in /v buy;
- made it possible to park vehicles close to each other (useful for parkings) -- it won't be a problem now;
- uncommented DestroyVehicle() parts from some parts in vehicle system code, full version of vehicle system is released now;
- removed Q and E keys doing the /lock command.

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Vehicle System Guide Empty Re: Vehicle System Guide

Post  Marco Santos on Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:10 am

so much things to do in a vehicle

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