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Post  Admin on Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:44 pm

First time in-game.

When you first log in you'll notice how you spawn at the airport. Don't fear though - You won't do this every time. The first thing you should do is run to the license center, to get your drivers license. This costs $5,000 - Which is exactly what you are carrying. The license center can be found as on the picture:
Go into one of the white sentinels in the area and type /licenseexam. This will lead you to markers you'll need to drive through - Remember to drive on the right lane and in a slow speed!
Got your license? Great. You won't be able to afford a car just yet, but you can still use rental vehicles. They are greenwoods and bobcats around the town that anyone can enter. Remember though, you need to /rentvehicle or cops will arrest you for vehicle theft! After this, you should rent a home. By doing this, you won't spawn at the airport on the next login. Do so by walking up to a marker into the desired house. You'll see if you're able to rent it or not - If you are, type /rentroom. If you're lucky, the house you rented has the healing upgrade. This will allow you to /heal inside the house, returning your HP to full. The next step we should do is get you a job.


There's a bunch of different jobs on LS-RP, and a great guide has already been made by NeptoZ.
You can read that guide here.

Getting your first vehicle.

Had a few paychecks and can now afford a vehicle? Great. The first thing you should do is head to a vehicle dealership. There are two of them on LSRP: The Rodeo dealership and then Commerce dealership. You can easily find them if you check the map, or even better, ask someone in-character. Once you are outside the dealership, do /v buy to see the list of available models and their prices. Vehicle names and pictures can be found here. Once you have the ID, do the command /v buy CARID COLORID COLORID. The car will save upon relog and so on, as long as you don't run out of insurances. Brand new, your vehicle has two insurances, no lock, no alarm and no immobilizer. You can change this by spawning the vehicle (/v get 1) and then doing /v buylock/alarm/immob when a mechanic is around. To despawn the car, use /v park.
"I want to get a BMX!"
The answer to his is, you can't. Or well, you need admin permission, which is either gained by donating or being in an official gang. You can read more about donating below.
The car color IDs are as following:
Leveling up

If you use the tab menu, you might notice how players are in different levels. To gain a level, you need to gain a certain amount of paydays. Level two, for example, is 8 paydays. Once you have reached that (/stats to check) you can use the command /levelup. On levelup, you'll get to upgrade your strength (helps in knockouts) and your spawn health. Some commands/items require a certain level to use, for example masks and /note. Don't worry - It's a low level requirement, you'll gain it fast.


When you enter a 24/7 you'll get a list of things to buy by doing /buy.
Those things are:

* Cellphone - If you've dropped your cellphone and need a new one, you buy this. BEWARE: If you have a donators
* number, this will be lost.
* Scratch card - Explains itself. If you win, you get money.
* Dice - This can be used by doing /dice. Great for gambling and so on.
* Old skates - If you crash, you can use those to travel faster. Less speed than advanced skates.
* Advanced skates - ^
* Mask - By using /mask your nametag won't be seen, and when you type a number ID will be shown instead.
* Gas can - If your car runs out of fuel you can either buy this or call a mechanic.
* Radio - Call 1000 to order a radio channel, and use the radio to speak in it (/r).
* Digital camera - Just like in SP.
* Toolkit - With a toolkit you can break car doors (/lock next to a car) and hotwire cars (/engine inside of it).
* Modern radio - A modern radio can hold two radio channels.
* Advanced radio - An advanced radio can hold three radio channels.

Joining a faction

Without factions, LS-RP isn't as fun as it can be. The first thing you should do is decide whether you're joining a legal or an illegal faction. Please note that all illegal factions (at least most of them) require you to join via in character methods. This doesn't mean that you should walk up to a gang/mafia and say "hi can i join ur gang plz" - This will probably result in your character being beaten up. A lot of illegal factions also requires you to character kill if you leave/get kicked. I'm going to give you hints on how to join some factions below.


The LSPD is a great faction, though it has high standards. You need to:

* Be able to RP good.
* Have good skills in the English language.
* Be able to use ventrilo.
* Pass a ventrilo interview.
* Know your way around Los Santos.

If the recruitment is open and you feel you meet the above requirements, click here. Fill out the application and put a lot of effort, I can't stress this enough.

Travel Los Santos

Travel LS is a good starter faction, and you'll get to drive buses. It isn't too hard to join, and you can fill out an application on their website which is here.

San Andreas Network

SAN is a great media faction. You can fill out an application at this url. You need to put a lot of effort into your application, as well as having good English skills. If you get accepted, take my advice and write a lot of articles - You need to rise in ranks before being able to broadcast live.

Creating your own faction

It is not advised to create your own faction when you've just started playing. If you still want to, please take my advice below.

* Put effort into your thread. This is very important to give a good first impression.
* Get members OOCly first. No one will join a faction without people.
* Plan your faction well.

Being a good role player.

I will list a few tips to make people recognize you as a 'good role player'. This can be a bit tricky to new players.

1. Role play as realistic as possible. Killing someone because you crashed into him is not realistic. Jumping 200 metres, /flip'ing and running further is not realistic. Crashing into something at 120km/h then just driving past is not realistic.
To create a pleasant environment for everyone, please try to role play realistically.
2. Don't powergame/metagame. Simply typing /do fails is NOT example of proper role play; Though you should've seen this already.
3. Put effort when making sentences. Typing in good grammar helps you enjoy role play more. Now, many of us (like me) aren't natively speaking English; Yet, you can always put effort. Always capitalize 'I', etc.
4. Details. Details are very good to make up a better environment when role playing. Your character's appearance, when he's frowning and so on are all good details to use.
5. Don't use /b when role playing. Personally, the worst thing I know is when I'm RPing and someone begins writing in /b.

Weapon licenses.

You can apply for firearm licenses here. Please put effort into your application; There are so many crap applications actually passing the test. I'm therefore begging you for the sake of realism to put effort into your application. Let me give you an example.

Hello, My name is James Mulcahy and I recently moved to LS to get a job and maybe start a family. My expectations of LS were very high and I'm not saying that I am disappointed but I was a little let down. The crime rate is much higher then I expected and I must say that I actually feel unsafe. I was robed while walking home from work yesterday and it was a terrifying experience. I don't plan on going around shooting criminals like a madman, but I would like to feel safe and secure. I would like to be able to have the chance to protect my life, or the life of a friend or family member. Or even scare away a burglar or an armed robber. I understand that the Police Department are doing the best they can, but lets face it, they are out numbered. There are much more criminals then cops in LS to be honest. And the PD can not be everywhere at once. I understand that if I am given a fire arm license that I will only use it as a last resort, if there is no other option. If I do start a family then I plan to keep the pistol locked away in a place where my children can not get at it, for safety. I promise that I will be extremely care full.

Even though this application was accepted, the story is pretty boring and stereotypical, don't you think? Browsing through the DFL forums we can notice that most applications are about someone being robbed/extorted/threatened/kidnapped and what not. One of my applications was well credited, I'll give you it as a template.

To whom it may concern,
My name is Robert Castillo, and I am by sending this letter applying for a firearm (.50 caliber, mobile).
As everyone doesn't share the same welfare state, a lot of differences are made. I, for example, live in the suburb, commonly referred to as 'ghetto'. As most of us people living here are poor, there are a lot of crimes taking place in the ghetto - Though, this doesn't make us all criminals. Due to living in the suburb, so called ghetto, I need a licensed firearm to protect myself from the local street gangs around the area I live. I'm doing this out of respect to the law; Many of the people in the area I live carry unlicensed firearms, of which I have never done and never will do - regardless of the acceptance or denial of this application. I currently have a stable income from my job. I work at the local burger shot, and you will therefore know the firearm won't be used for any unlawful purposes. Regarding my state of health, I neither smoke, drink or use any substances. The firearm I am applying for will be used to protect me, my children and my own property from the street gang members around here. Best r

Robert Castillo.

LS-RP modpack

The LS-RP modpack contains skin mods for the current gangs, billboards and so on.
You can find it along with installation instructions here. This is also the reason you see people smoking dildos.

Properly contacting an administrator

LS-RP is a very large server, and therefore the administrators are very busy. You should therefore resort to contacting administrators in the following ways:

* If you are IG and urgently need an administrator, use /re. Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, PM an admin.
* Use /report if something isn't urgent!
* If you need to contact a lead admin on the forums, do not forum PM them. Use this link instead.
* If you didn't get in-game response when you urgently needed it, take screen shots of the rule breaker. You should then report him/her at this link. Remember to use the correct format!


Donating will not only keep the server running; It will also help you personally, giving you benefits. You don't need a credit card/paypal to donate, you can also do so via phone (DaoPay). To donate and get information about donating, please read this thread.

Technical issues

Sometimes you might have some technical issues with the game itself; I'm going to state a few of those.
'I' being the issue, 'S' being the solution.

I: My GTA doesn't start when I hit connect.
S: Delete 'gta_sa.set'. It's located in your userfiles. If it still doesn't work, try re-booting.

I: I crash after 'loading network game'.
S: Try reconnecting a few times. If it still doesn't work, uninstall recently installed mods.

I: My screenshots don't save.
S: If you're on vista, try running SA:MP in administrative mode.

I: When I connect to LS-RP, I immediately get 'Server closed the connection'.
S: You either got kicked for reserved slots, or the application hasn't been accepted under the name you tried to connect with. After being accepted, make sure you use THAT name in CASE SENSITIVE. That means, if your name's "John Smith" you need to use "John_Smith" as your sa-mp name.

I: I installed a mod, and the thing I replaced is all white.
S: You accidentally deleted the .txd, and you need to restore it.

Character kills

This is a question I often see - What are character kills (CKs)? A character kill is the death of your character; Meaning you can't log on it anymore unless you pay for a namechange ($2). Don't worry though - There are only two ways to get characterkilled being either
1) You agreed to it, such as when joining or faction or
2) It's forced by a lead admin.

Usage of the radio

Upon request, I'm adding how to use the IG radio. The first thing you need to do is obviously to buy a radio. Now, there are three versions of the radio to choose from - The radio (one slot), the modern radio (two slots) and the advanced radio (three slots). I'd recommend you to buy the last one as you'll probably use it some time. Now, I'd recommend you that when you get the radio frequency you're going to connect to, note it down IG, by using /note create. When you're done, do as following:

* Use the command /setchannel [CHANNEL] [SLOT].
* Use /setslot in case you have a modern/advanced radio to navigate to the correct slot.
* In case there is an authentication, use /auth [PASSWORD].
* To speak on the radio, use /r.
* If you wish to part from a radio channel, navigate to the slot via /setslot and then use /part.

To rent a radio, simply call "1000" and follow the instructions there. The password thing is bugged and doesn't charge for the password, but the frequency costs $5,000.

Houses and businesses.

Upon your first cruise around Los Santos you will most likely notice a bunch of houses and businesses.
To enter a business, use /enter, and same with houses as long as they are unlocked. When it comes to owning one, you'll need quite an amount of money. Each house/business has a market price; This is the base price. If the house/business is adminsold (IE the owner hasn't logged in for 7 days) you'll be able to buy it for the market price (MP). To do so, simply walk up to the marker and type /buybiz or /buyhouse. This doesn't mean that you can't buy a house/business if they aren't a-sold, however. Once you met up with a seller and he wishes to sell you the house, you pay him the whole amount (role played, of course, then /pay.) He will then proceed with using /sellhouse, which will give him the market price and put the house up for sale. The seller will then /pay you back the market price, and you'll use /buyhouse. Same for businesses.

What you need to keep in mind is that businesses require components in order to operate. You'll have to /hire people to deliver components for you. One component contains 100 products. To withdraw money from your business, simply use /bizbank.

Tips and hints when you first bought a house:

* To put renting on, use /setrentable 1 and then /setrent XX.
* Once you bought a house, you'll pay automatic tax in your payday. This is, however, just a few hundred dollars.
* To view your tenants, do /tenants.
* If you're inactive for longer than seven days without being a donator, your house WILL be adminsold. If you are adonator,
this limit is raised to 30 days.

* You CAN move your house, use /re when there's a level 3+ admin online. Do NOT use PMs!

Reporting a player

After witnessing a rule violation in game and having /reported it without result you will most likely resort to making a forum report, though there are a few things to think about. Firstly, did this player cause any harm to anyone? Reporting someone for bunnyhopping is useless and will only bring work for admins - Try teaching the player instead. The second thing I see a lot of is OOC insulting. If someone told you to shut the fuck up/you're an idiot or whatever, did it actually make any difference to you? I think not. At least to me it's not worth making a report taking ten minutes just for that - And here again, it only brings work to admins. If you even though the pointers above have the need to report someone/you're doing it anyway, don't bother unless you have screenshots. When making the report, follow the checklist below.

* Follow the correct format! Failure to do so will result in your thread getting locked.
* Stay calm when replying and think twice before posting. Being angry/swearing at someone won't help.

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Good long guide

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Very good guide and also good work i got some help from it,Thanks m8 Smile
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great work man. Thumbs up Wink

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