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IX. Being a Good Roleplayer
Tips for those who aren't quite sure how to be a good roleplayer.
As a new player, people will usually refer to you as a "noob", but don't worry, we all were one at one point, some players can get really mean about it but ignore them, they're usually the people who can't roleplay too well themselves. Follow this section's steps to find out how to be a good roleplayer.

The /me Command
It shocks me that so many new players don't know what this is. The /me command simply describes an action that your character is doing. For example:
/me places both of his hands into his pocket.
** Player_Name places both of his hands into his pocket. **
There you go, simple as that, you have just opened the door to endless opportunities of roleplaying.

The /do Command
The /do command is much like the /me command except it can be used to describe something your character is not doing himself but it describes the environment around them or it can be used to reply to a /me command. For example:
/do A large boom is heard and the airbag deploys, Player lays unconscious in the seat.
** A large boom is heard and the airbag deploys, Player lays unconscious in the seat. (( Player_Name )) **

Grammar / Punctuation
One of the most important thing to a lot of players in roleplay is proper grammar and punctuation while roleplaying because if you can't understand what the person is trying to say then it makes it a horrible roleplaying experience and usually leaves both parties unsatisfied.

Capital Letters - The first thing we'll start you off with is capital letters. These will make your sentences look more professional and make it look like a third grader didn't write it.

-Every sentence starts with a capital letter, every time you enter a period a capital letter will follow.

-Names and locations all start with capital letters.


-Capitalizing Every Word In a Sentence Can Also Be Annoying, Please Don't Do This As It Will Expand The Life Of Your Shift Button And It Will Save You Some Time While Typing.

- Try not to randomly place words that shouldn't be Capitalized in the middle of a sentence, it looks weird.
Punctuation Punctuation is also important in roleplaying.
The Period You always add a period to the end of a sentence, periods are used to add a longer pause to your character's sentence.

The Comma Commas are used a couple of ways. The first way is to separate things when you're listing something, for example:
I went to the store earlier and bought some apples, oranges, bananas and pineapples.

Commas are also used to add a short pause to your speaking, for example:
I was walking down the street when the asian man approached me, I looked at him strangely and he moved closer, soon enough he was standing in front of me offering me drugs.
Contractions I always see a lot of people get confused with contractions, contractions are simply ways to make it shorter to type and to combine two words. There are too many to list here so you can just head over to THIS SITE.
There, Their, They're / Its and It's / Two, Too, and To.
They all sound the same but they all mean something different, I'll list the meanings below.

There is used to describe a location, for example:
Put those socks in the dresser over there.

Their is used to describe the possession of a group of people, for example:
The people across the street got into their car and drove away.

They're is a contraction for "THEY ARE", this is to describe an action of a group of people.
They're going to come over our house at 3:00 PM

Its does not follow the rule of the the possessive apostrophe s, but it is infact referring to something someone has. For example:
"The dog began to chew on its bone."

It's is a contraction for "IT IS", you can use this to describe something.
"It's awfully hot outside today, isn't it?"
Two is used to describe the quantity or the amount of something, for example:
"There were two papers on the desk and one of them was ripped."

Too is used two ways (See how confusing it can be?). The first way is to replace the word "also". For example:
"Amef wanted to play SA:MP and Damian wanted to play SA:MP too.

The other example is when you want to describe an excess quantity of something.
There were too many police patrolling to start a street race."

To is used in a couple of ways as well, the first way is to describe the way something if the other two don't fit.
"The Native Americans went to the river to bathe."
Quotation Marks
Quotation marks are used to wrap the speech someone did, if you're writing about something that someone said you would use quotation marks, for example:
The man came up to me and said "How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"
After reading this you should be a decent roleplayer in no time, please do keep in mind the regular rules of the server and you'll be all set.


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Being a good Roleplayer Empty Re: Being a good Roleplayer

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