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Post  Admin on Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:45 pm

Businesses guide.

1. Types of businesses.
2. Prices of businesses.
3. Ways to run them.
4. Commands.
5. Notes.

1)Types of businesses:

There are several types of businesses in LS-RP, I will try to explain them all in this guide:

* Farms, which are quite obvious, every time a farmer goes through a checkpoint you get a percentage, if not all of the amount of cash, which is around $100. If you are hired by a restaurant, you buy farm components from the farm and sell them to the restaurant. Farms get their components from farmers as their job, factories get one each hour.
* Vehicle Dealerships, which are located one in Romeo, and one in Commerce. These give you 1 percent of the car's value someone bought of your dealership. As an example, when someone buys a Sultan, you get 2.75k. There are two more, one at the airport, mainly used for helicopters, and one at Santa Maria Docks for boats.
* Bars / Clubs / Restaurants, which are available for a high cost, and make you able to throw parties. You set an entrance fee, every time someone enters your club / bar / restaurant you receive that amount. This can make quite a profit during a party.
* 24/7's are another category of businesses in LS-RP, which not only have an entrance fee, but people are able to buy different things from it, such as bats, cigarettes, masks, cellphones, etc. This also make quite a good profit.
* Gun shops, as a civilian you can have only 2, the legal one's which are on Main Street and on Vinewood street, however this are not for sale currently. Every time someone buys a gun from there - you get the money.
* Gas stations, these do not make such a big profit like 24/7's, since you get the 100x of their entrance fee (can be from 1 to 5, so only from 100 to 500 dollars).
* Apartment complexes - People can buy apartments in there, and / or rent. Every time someone sells their house, you get a percentage out of the MP. You also have the power to /evict people.
* Advertisement business which is one, if not the most profitable business in LS-RP, you are able to set the /ad fee, and every time someone does an ad, you receive 50% of the fee, the other half going to SAN.
* DMV- The DMV is one of the businesses that make profit mostly due to new players getting licenses, or old players losing theirs. You can set the price by yourself, and you get the full amount of money.
* Component factories - This is mandatory for a business to run, no components, a business does not work.
* Vehicle Rental, Air School, House upgrade, etc, which currently have no use.
* Casino's. In a Casino you can play three types of games, poker, wheel of fortune and the slot machine. For poker use /poker in game to find out the commands. For the wheel of fortune, find the big wheel on a wall, and type /casino spin. For slot machines, go to a slot machine and use /casino pull. (viewtopic.php?f=63&t=60763)

2) Prices of businesses:

* Farms: Taking into account the profit you get, and few offers I had during my time on LS-RP, I'd say they are worth around two-three millions. *
* Vehicle Dealership: There was an auction some time ago, where people offered as high as fifteen (15) millions.
* Bars: These cost around twenty-thirty millions.
* Clubs: These cost around twenty five-thirty five millions.
* Restaurants: These cost around twenty-thirty millions.
* Gun shops: N/A **
* Gas stations: Five-ten millions .
* Apartment complexes: These cost around twenty five-thirty five millions.
* Advertisement: N/A **
* Component factory: N/A **
* Casino: Twenty-twenty five millions.

3) Ways to run them

- Ways to run a business may differ from each player, however my opinion is the following:

* For a farm, there's not much you need to do, besides probably buying components.
* A vehicle dealership needs products to run, those being components, you can either /hire people ( which would be explained in section 4) or bring in components by yourself.
* Bars/clubs/Restaurants are useful if you run a faction, or are a member of one. It can be used as a hangout spot or just for earning. It also needs components to run.
* Gas stations, unlike clubs and restaurants get their components straight from a job- gas transporter. So if you're unlucky to get out of components, hire some trucker to help you.

4) Commands.

* /bizinfo - Shows informations about your business.
* /compprice - Shows you the current component price.
* /hire - Hires new players.
* /fire - Fires new players.
* /bizfee- Sets your entrance fee to a business.
* /lock - Locks it. (Obviously.)
* /bizwithdraw - Withdraws money from your biz cashbox.
* /bizbank - Shows you what's in your cashbox.


* - Not sure about the price.
** - Have no idea about the price of the biz.

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Business Guide Empty Re: Business Guide

Post  Marco Santos on Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:08 am

great guide. I loved reading it

Marco Santos

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